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Well,i scanned some QR codes I found online so I can take at least 30 flags from them when I make them my secret pals.But the next day I tried to talk to them in my secret base they didnt give me anything!Also other people I make as secret pals give me some flags the first time but then,they never give me flags again......is that supposed to happen?I mean I can go to their secret bases and collect one flag from each but they wont give me more flags if I talk to them in my secret base every day.

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Me too! And I never got any flags from anyone ever, and I scanned like 5 people.

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It all depends on the last time you streetpassed them. If you streetpassed them after they've collected some flags, then they will give you some flags. If you've only Streetpassed them once, at the beginning, then they won't give you flags unless you streetpass them again.

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Edit: You can always collect flags from their base, once a day. The above only applies to the Pals in your base.

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i dont streetpass anyone ever.....they are people from my pss,you must mean them.....but yeah u r right if they still collect flags every day im abel to collect an amount of them up to 30.Thanks anyways:P