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What is the fastest method to get the gold tier for flags? At the moment I've only collected around 120 flags, and I don't look forward into going around everyday trying to get only around 20-40 flags a day.

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First time I answer, so bear with me if I screw something up.
Raising your flag rank is pretty easy actually, by yourself you can collect 30 flags per day (especially if you are connected to the internet while playing via the PSS), but if you have Secret Pals (and if you don't, you should), to which the maximum amount of that you can have in your base is 5, they can collect AND share with you 30 flags per day EACH. Meaning you now have a potentiality of 150 flags per day just by your Pals.
The real trick is to choose Pals that are still with a Green/Bronze Flag, so you know they could (because you can never be sure about this) potentially still be active searchers.

The Jwittz made a really usefull video about this, so go check it out.(I don't know if it's ok to post links, so if it isn't, just tell me and I'll edit it out)
Hope I helped!

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Hey and welcome! Just thought I'd point out you can hyper link. It is possible to post the link but hyperlinking just looks neater! :)
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If you travel or go around places a lot by cars, bus, or train (not plane cause you can't use wifi), bring your 3DS and don't shut it down. Pretty sure you know this, but StreetPass will help you grab people with a copy of the game. Find all their bases first, so bring along both bikes , all HMs, and etc. Next, use your AreaNav and click on the map. (Basic Stuff, if you don't need this part just skip ahead.) Select bases. All the areas with shaded squares means you've found all secret bases on that route. White squares indicate that there are some bases you haven't found. Look for bases everyday. Their flag regenerates everyday. Add some secret pals; some of them give you flags if you talk to them. I got 5 flags from this pal once :D

Hoped this helped, kind of long, sorry :( Most of this is basic so you should kind of know.