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I've seen some people with it, but I can't seem to find out HOW to get it... I want that Regice!

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You need to scan a QR code to get it. Here it tells you who you need to speak to to get it. This video shows someone getting it.
After scanning the QR code, go to Mossdeep City and enter the house where there is an old man and a door. It will be open if you scanned a code.

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It's saying that "This QR code is not supported." What does that mean?
I dont know, maybe you could only have gotten it within a time period, like the event legends.
Scan it with your Base scanner
What is a base scanner? How can I activate/use it?
Go to your secret base and interact with the PC, then select the base scanner and scan the QR code

It should work, i just got it