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as we know, magearna has a shiny form, it's just exactly the same. so does it sparkle? hackers, I'm looking at you to answer this, I can't think of any other way to find outXD
meesa wanna know

All Shinies should sparkle, nonetheless.

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Shinies always sparkle, that's where the name 'shiny' came from. As I understand it, 'shiny' is actually a fan made label.

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If I remember correctly "Shiny" started as a fan name but eventual became official. That might just be a rumour though.
It may be official now, I don't know, but yes, as I understand it, 'shiny' started as a fan term.
According to Bulbapedia, "shiny" was originally a fan term, and it became official in Generation 5.
What were Shinies originally called before Gen 5?
The in-game characters almost never mentioned them. I think sometimes shiny Pokemon were called differently colored Pokemon.
Shiny Pokémon were called Color Pokémon until the fan name stuck.