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I'm training a new team to beat the elite four, since my regular is too overpowered..
Planned Team: Empoleon, Alakazam, Kingdra, Bronzong, Mismagius, and Drapion
I may or may not include a flyer, since I already have a Staraptor that my friend gave to me...


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Drapion has access to great Poison Type moves like Cross Poison or Poison Jab, has great typing (only has one weakness, Ground). Drapion can also learn the elemental fangs through the move relearner, and can learn Poison Fang (50% of toxic poison) + Venoshock for scary STAB (effectively 270 BP over 2 turns, plus Poison Damage).

It is definitely worth it.

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Yea, if you can get earthquake it will fit. I had the same team but I had kababra.
Give it these
Cross poison
Rock slide
Night slash
This is good