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No. It only negates good secondary effects apparently, but won't cancel out ones like Recoil. Too bad, imagine what that would do if there was no recoil for head smash on a Rampardos... Though on a different note, it says on Bulbapedia that "If a Pokémon with Brute Force is holding a Life Orb and uses an attack that would be boosted by Brute Force, then the move gains both boosts but the user receives no recoil damage."


Even if Brute Force prevented recoil for head smash on Rampardos,Mold Breaker is still better for him
I know, but I'm just saying, imagine what kind of power that would deliver.
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This ability is not applied to moves that have a negative effect on the user, such as recoil, two-turn moves, and stat reduction after using certain moves.