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Ultimate Starter Moves: Frenzy Plant, Hydro Cannon, Blast Burn

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Personally, I wouldn't recommend them. They are crazy strong, but you basically miss out on a whole turn where your opponent can do whatever they please. There is no item that can stop recharge (but if there was, that'd be pretty kewl). If you want to teach your Charizard Blast Burn, I'd just recommend Fire Blast.

TL;DR: Nah, they're too High Risk/Medium Reward

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white herb?
That stops charging moves, like SolarBeam, Dive, Dig, etc.
No that just skips a turn of charging up for moves like Solarbeam, Sky Attack, etc.
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Ingame, they are okay, as they have high power, and they are likely to knock out the opponent. After fainting an opposing Pokemon, you have the option of switching out. Spamming higher power moves such as Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, and Giga Drain are better most of the time.

Competitive, never. Going for one of those moves forces you to recharge, meaning you will easily get revenge killed.

when was giga drain a high power move?
Since Mew said it is.
Its one of the more reliable ones
Don't spam Giga Drain. 5 PP :0
only in Gen I - III. More recent gen's give it 10 PP :)
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By Ultimate Starter Moves I assume your on about Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant and Hydro Cannon.

Not Really No.

Basically because of the fact that you have to recharge afterwards and because of this they leave you vulnerable to attacks in competitive play. Also there are genuinely other moves that will do more damage over the course of 2 turns.

I would only recommend using any of these Moves if your playing in game.

Hope I helped :)

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They are good last hit when you are about to get ko'd, but competitively it's generally better to have an extra coverage move. If you hit twice anything more than a 75 stab move will do more damage.

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Only if you want to switch or get KOed.
In-game they're good but no where near the best. Competitively they can't be used because the dragon type exists.