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What's everyone's opinions on the ultimate starter moves?

I'm kind of torn, because a few of my Pokemon have that move. They're really strong, but the next turn you have to recharge. I sort of feel like it's a waste of a move, so I've been debating whether to get rid of them or not.

Blast Burn
Frenzy Plant
Hydro Canon

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They are pretty good, since you could basically switch out the following turn, assuming you knock out the opponent's Pokemon.

They are not good. Trust me.
The reason? The recharging turn. When you finish off a Pokemon with an Elemental Hyper Beam, you must recharge. Giving your opponent a chance to finish you off.

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I was planning to trade all of my best Pokemon to Black/White 2 to compete in the World Tournament. So it's sort of both "in game" and "competitive" at the same time.
Then don't use them.
You can't switch after using a one of the 3 ultimate moves, anyway. If you are going to use them, do Rotation Battles.