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What do you mean, "how much is there"?
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I assume the question is 'how many Legendary Pokemon are in the Sea Spirit's Den?'

If so, there are three legendary Pokemon, specifically the Legendary birds, Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno. However, you will only have the ability to find one of them depending on your starter.

If you chose Chespin, you get Articuno.
If you chose Fennekin, you get Zapdos.
If you chose Froakie, you get Moltres.

And they are not their immediately, but you have to find them several times around Kalos, as they are roaming the region. They will flee immediately, with you having no chance to combat. You can finally battle them at the Sea Spirit's Den, having the chance to capture it.

Also, just to make Fizz happy, there is only one Sea Spirit's Den. :P

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You might want to mention that if he actually means what he wrote, there is only one Sea Spirit's Den in the game.
Also it's 'there' not 'their'
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I assume you actually mean "How many Sea Spirit's Dens are there in the game?"

If this is your question, there is only one Sea Spirit's Den in the game. There normally is nothing there, not even wild Pokemon, but once you see one of the three roaming Legendary Birds (Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos) about 12 times said bird will show up in the Sea Spirits Den.
The bird you see depends on the Kalos Starter you chose:
Moltres if you chose Froakie
Zapdos if you chose Fennekin
Articuno if you chose Chespin

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