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I've heard that you need to get a perfect score all the meals in a restaurant in order to be able to tip more. Is this true?


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Yes, it is.

Source: I tipped 10,000 by completing the Restaurant Le Nah Double Battle (the only one) perfectly.

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So is Restaurant Le Nah the only place where you can tip more than 1000?
That's the only one I've happened to have done, whilst Sketching moves on Smeargle. So it would follow that if you do the same in the other restaurants, then you would be able to tip 10,000
Oh I see, sorry. I meant the only one that I have done. Sorry for the confusion xD. Plus the only battle available in Restaurant Le Nah is Double Battle. That's what I meant.
Why would you tip? It does nothing...
...I mean, I've tipped before as well, but does anything happen?
It's rumoured that you get an increased chance of finding shinies by how much and often you tip.
You're right about it; I finally managed to complete Rotation Battle in Le Wow to the dot and it let me tip 10,000. So basically, you just need to complete all the 'meals' available perfectly and it'll let you do that.