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On the 2nd floor, the same building as that fighting/ dance dojo, in Lumiose City, on the Northern Boulevard, just next to the gate to Route 14. Is there a point to it or is it just to freak you out?

Theres also a place in Lumiose city where, another girl tells you to leave her Alone, or else she won't hear he elevator. The first hirl comes out of an Elevator, people theorized that they are sisters and that one of them died in an elevator, and the other one is waitong for her sister

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So after finally digging into X's source, I was able to find something.

The game runs an if-else statement when you do some interacting with Ghostie witch lady. If you have a downloaded item, Pokemon, I don't know(It is a data value, I haven't gotten to that yet) then it triggers an event, which seems to lead into battle.
If you don't have this item, you likely get the usual.

Digging into this game is really hard. To wrap it up, she relates to an event.

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No one knows if there is a point to the Hex Maniac, but people have theorized she might be an important character in a future WiFi event. There is another Hex Maniac in the hotel in Lumiose City which when talked says to leave her alone or else she can't be able to hear the elevator. If you go to Lumiose Station, go to the 2nd back board and press A behind it and it'll say "I'm going to go for help wait in the usual place." Yeah, the Hex Maniac is pretty creepy, but we don't know if there is a real reason for her to be in the game.

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As well as the theory EeveeLotion mentioned, there may also be a connection between her and Lumiose Station, as on the back of one of the signs there is the message "I'm going to go for help. Wait in the usual place." People have speculated that the girl may be dying and a friend went for help, but she died whilst waiting for help, and she waits for the friend (possibly "the one" she is waiting for) to return.

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My friend and I have theorized that the ghost girl is Aster.

In another room in lumoise toward the subway theres a poster that says "im going to go for help, meet me in the usual place". We think that whoever the letter was addressed to didnt show up and the girl died from whatever/whoever was ailing her. Thus why she says that you are not the one. But who didnt show and why?


Why does the ghost girl appear in oras at mt. Pyre as well NOT as a ghost? Remember oras takes place before kalos. Zinnia was supposed to meet Aster in Kalos but had to make sure team magma/aqua were properly coerced to bring the primals back (and by extension ensure rayquazas return). Aster and Zinnia were probably frustrated that the meteor was approaching according to the legend and they needed more help, so she left a note in lumoise for zinnia to find after she got off the train. But since Zinnia never came, and she died waiting for her by unknown causes.

Perhaps zinnia was supposed to deliver whatever ninja said will trigger the if else statment. In any case, its not implausible to think zinnia wasnt the only active draconid, nor that she had to sacrifice her meeting with aster to fulfill her mission. Discussion encouraged.

I approved this because the Hex Maniac in X/Y most likely relates to ORAS, but she is also most likely not Aster. If she is, what's her relationship with the Hex Maniac in Mt. Pyre? Sorry if you already said that & I missed it though.
Remember,  the events of X/Y occur AFTER ORAS. That means Aster can be still alive in ORAS but be dead in X/Y. One other thing: Zinnia always mentions how she thought she was the one before declaring you to be the one when you encounter Rayquaza, but the ghost girl insists that you are not the one. That means she still believes Zinnia is the one to bring Rayquaza and save the earth, and probably went for help after the main storyline but before the delta episode.
Interesting theory, even if it is unlikely.