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I think it was route 9 but I'm not sure. It was the swampy route.

And what is it with the horde of faceless men?

A slender man pokemon!

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You mean on Route 14?? Where you are forced to walk in with your three travelling partners?

If so, then no, not really. Pokemon always adds something creepy into their Pokemon games, just to scare little children and entertain adolescent ones. Dunno why, it must be fine in Japanese media. xD

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Experience

Like the ghost girl in Lumiose City? I found that completely by accident. You can imagine how confused and creeped out I was.
I remember I went into the Creepy House in Black 2 and I remember the items moving around a lot. It took me a while to figure it out. Then I found the girl and then I just left. >.<
The ghost girl didn't really scare me much. How does 'No, you're not the one?' scare you exactly? xD
I don't know... *Lights go out and then back on, lights go out and then back on and now there's a hex maniac standing behind you, AND THEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT AGAIN.....*
How do you find the ghost girl?
and where is she in lumiose city?
Er, I dunno where the exact location is since there are quite a lot of buildings, but in the place where the receptionist says she comes from a very rural part of Unova, on the 2F of that building you'll find the ghost girl.
The thing that freaks me out is HER LEGS DON'T FRIGGIN MOVE!