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Which ones and where they are.

It mentions Slenderman but I know there is more.
Where is Slenderman mentioned? I want to know.
in the spooky house near laverre town or something

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There is Slender man mentioned at scary house and a coughnewcough one created with this girl who happens in a story like the following....

Second floor, the elevator opened to a classical cubical work zone like all the others. But no one was there. Curiously I stepped outside the elevator and the lights flashed
On and off
On and off
When they come back on there is a girl behind you, between you and the elevator, cutting off your escape route.
Like she cuts out the lights again.
Off and on.
She remains. The lights stop flickering and you see her more clearly. She is a Hex Maniac and she looks like she hungers for something, but then her face changes to disappoint and opens her mouth to say a dead, life less, "You are not the one..."
And walks off into a cubical.

Search the room now. You're alone and only the player can utilize elevators.
Explain if you. Want.

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Creepy!When I get Y I'm looking for her.
where did you find this info, it's useful but so strange as it goes on and on and on about something I would've forgotton within 5 mins.