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One day I was peacefully playing Pokemon ORAS...then I saw in a small milliframe...THERE WAS A LITTLE GIRL IN PHOEBE'S CHAIR!!! Then I thought it was a little glitch in the programming...But no...when Phoebe continued talk...the camera shifted as if something hoped off of the chair's point of view. Like lets say...a little girl! Walking towards me!!! Then the camera shifted again. THEN OVER MY LEFT SHOULDER WAS THAT SAME LITTLE GIRL!!!

Please, if you have any answers to why the girl haunts Phoebe's room, please answer me.


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lol, I missed it, talked to her from behind

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It was probably put in there by GameFreak on purpose. Phoebe specializes in Ghost types, so as a surprise, the creators of the game put the little girl there. Source

Long story short: for promotion and to create some kind of a buzz.

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By "hopped up in the chairs point of veiw" he means when you see from the girl's point of veiw and she gets up out of the chair
No, you actually see through the "ghost's" eyes after you defeat Phoebe. She hops off her chair and races towards you.
This is an easter egg, they just put it there so people would start talking about it. Kind of like the ghost girl in XY who appears behind you and floats away, and I think in black/white theres someone who vanishes off a bridge.