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During my playthrough of Omega Ruby, there is this one Hex Maniac in Mt. Pyre. When you walk up to her, she says "No… you're not the one."

Which is the exact same thing that the ghost girl in Lumiose City says in X and Y. Are they the same person?

Here she is.

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I feel like the speculation that this deals with Hoopa is correct, considering it is a Ghost type and also has an alternate form that could conceivably be changed by an item this person gives you once you have Hoopa. .
I know of the speculation as well. Since Hoopa was dicovered in the XY coding, people theorized that she had something to do with it. With her reappeearance in ORAS, and the inevitable release of Hoopa, this will probably prove true.

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It is very likely they are due to all the similarites between the two.
But only gamefreak could tell you if your right or not here.

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