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Pretty much explained in title.

Very creepy!
so she's for "very creepy"? doesn't make much sense tbh
I misread the question, i thought it said what is the ghost girl, try not to be rude dude.

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The Ghost Girl is most likely an Easter Egg put in by Nintendo. The Ghost Girl has appeared in past generation games- Gen 4, Gen 5, and Gen 6 (This gen). Since this happened, most people think this is an Easter Egg. It may just be there to creep people out. Now for this Gen (#6), several people think that the Ghost Girl in Lumiose City has something to do with Hoopa, an event exclusive Pokemon that hasn't been officially revealed yet, but has appeared in the XY games from hacking. Hoopa is a Ghost-Psychic type Pokemon. The Ghost Girl is a ghost. Strange huh? NOT

TL;DR: The Ghost Girl is an Easter Egg put in by Nintendo, and may have something to do with Hoopa.

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Hotel Richessime, 4th floor. Hope I helped!

I meant what is it for.  What's her purpose?
Probably one of the x and y mysteries. We'll probably see more of her in a future event
didn't answer the question, but funny enough i didn't know where to find her. Thanks xD
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Methinks she is nothing more than an Easter egg put in by the developers.