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Okay, so who is the girl is Phoebe's room? No rumors unless there is reliable evidence that it is correct and please don't list the rumors seen in the video.

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"No rumors"
The only possible answers are based on rumors and logic, because the only way you're going to get a response otherwise is if you storm up to Nintendo's offices and drag out one of the makers by the scruff of the neck and make them tell you.
What Sempi said, also, like the guy said, the only ghost girls both he and I have seen are pheobe's, and the lumiose ghost girl in mt pyre.
wait B-frog, do you watch his channel as well?
No as I said you can include rumors they just need evidence enough to make it seem correct, this was to save people from saying random rumors with little or no backing, it would save me trying to get them removed and I watch it sometimes.
Well, it's probably just a random ghost :P

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My Illogical Theory

The 'ghost girl' concept was introduced in Gen IV in DPPt, but not in HGSS.
It appeared again in Gen V it appeared again in BW.
Again in Gen VI in X and Y, but not in ORAS.

There were no ghost girls in ORAS and HGSS. Why? They're remakes.
As there were no ghost girls in Gen II or Gen III, there is likely to be none in their remakes. That isn't really the 'ghost girl' of the game since it didn't have any dialogue, but it's probably just some sort of easter egg (that I found btw WOOO). If you want, you can make it your ghost girl for the game though. It's not like the ghost girl is an official thing or anything.

But apart from that, no one has said anything yet on a ghost girl appearing, likely due to the games' remake status.

EDIT: As the commenter below stated, in Mt. Pyre that is a woman who reiterates 'No... you're not the one...' but this isn't really the ghost girl since she didn't have a full on cut scene, she was just a normal NPC, just referring to X and Y.

Hope I helped. :)

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"There were no ghost girls in ORAS and HGSS"
In ORAS there ARE ghost girls. One in Phoebe's room, one in Mt. Pyre. In Mt. Pyre the ghost girl says the same thing as in X/Y
But said in the video there is one in Pheopes room.