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The ghost girl I'm talking about in Black 2, is that one in the house where you get the Lunar Wing. Is that ghost girl that disappear and reappers from time to time the same Ghost girl that talks about her abra on the Bridge next to Black City?'

(Sorry about the weird title the other one I had didnt fit because of the character limit)

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>During certain occasions, the spirit of a deceased young girl will be standing on the bridge, and will disappear if the player walks towards her. An old lady in the gate to the east of the bridge will explain that the young girl used to play around the area with an Abra before the bridge was built. In the sequels, the girl will instead appear in Strange House where she will refer to Abra and the bridge before telling the player to return the Lunar Wing there, which will trigger a battle with Cresselia.

Yes, it is.


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Yes,yes she is.


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