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On the Marvelous Bridge in Black/White there is a woman at the far right side of the bridge that will disappear if you get near her!

My question is whats the story behind it and what is she for?

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I guess she is the ghost of a suicidal woman.
I see it too!
im scared there will be an event for a cruel and disgusting pokemon!

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This happens during certain occasions, when the spirit of a deceased young girl will be standing on the bridge, and will disappear if the player walks towards her. An old lady in the gatehouse to the east of the bridge will explain the young girl used to play around the area before the bridge was built. Nothing will happen when you see her. Hope this helps...

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a pokemon 4x weak to dark
Scrath my hopes for that suckish Pokemon! xD
XD well its true
4x weak to ghost too
i know that girl, in the game a grandmay say tha girl before the marvelous brige was made that girl was playing whit ABRA!
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she apears in the mansion by reverse mountain saying An everlasting dark dream…
An endless dream of darkness…
Dad, Mom, Abra…
Where are you…?"
and then dissapears

she appears somewhere else later then says " in the dark dream... I heard my dads voice... Forget the Lunar Wing... Please stay here with me... " she then dissapears again

if yougo into the room and pick up the lunar wing she will appear and say " Oh... The Lunar Wing... I can't take it now... But it'll be OK... Please return the wing to the Pokemom... I was waiting on the bridge so I could return it myself..." she then dissapears a third time in the mansion.

if you then go to the bridge cressila will appear and you can battle and capture it

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