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The big reason is the Pokemon tower which is where dead Pokemon go. Also there are 'ghosts' there before you get the silph scope. The ghost later become ususally haunters and gastlys which are ghost types and the ocassional cubone. The music there is also sort of creepy but the main reason is that Pokemon tower, basically the Pokemon cemetary is in that city. There is also a rumor that says that kids ages 7-12 commited suicide and had brain issues after hearing the lavender town music. This is fake but its still a creepy rumor.

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LOVE CREEPY THINGS ! Upvote to the q and the answer !
Your right that is creepy
also there is a trainer that says "give........me..........Blood"
XD (filler)
The give me blood thing creeped me out so bad that when I was playing first gen in my game boy I shut it off when I saw it and left my game alone for a while
i  am really scared of laveder town the ghost the theme burried alive and much
I know this is old but something really creepy is the girl who claims you have a white hand on your shoulder, creepy much? It became quite the creepypasta in buried alive