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Just wondering

boy am i lucky im 9 years nothing is creepy in pokemon games that scare even tho it is a bit horrifying maybe that's what happened to ash when he went to lavender town with haunter and was a ghost...
i am luck as well as till november 5th i am 8 years old so i only played black version  but i heArd this on internetbut at least i have not  played it to experince it
Now im 10 (Long time ago xD)

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If you mean in red, blue, and yellow they didn't mean to. Back then they didn't have such wonderful music. You can notice this in old games such as Super Mario Bros, Starfox and others. If you mean in Gold and Siver the music was changed probally because better sound qulatiy and a spooky rumur that's a bit extreme for young children.

FYI: If you want know about the rumur type in at youtube lavender town myths.

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or because they wanted something for adults.
It is ikely TBH. Lavender town was possibly made because the games were "For kids" or "too childish.
the old super mario bros music was wonderful in  my opion (i have it on my wii)