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I heard that when we got Mewtwo in red/Blue, Japan got Mew in Red/Green. Is this true? If so, where did they get Mew? In what cave? In what city. This is very interesting to me so if you know, answer please, I want to know.


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As far as I know, Mewtwo was still the main pokemon in Cerulean Cave, same as the US/Europe versions. It was possible to get Mew in all versions from a glitch (search YouTube for videos).

They gave Mew away at various events across the world - real life events like at the Toys R Us store. There may have been more events in Japan since pokemon is even more popular there.

There was also a Mew event recently for HG/SS on wi-fi in Japan. No word on whether it will come to the US/Europe yet.

EDIT: Mew event running from October 15-30 2010!

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In red/ blue you could get one using the mew glitch.
that was a never. since i was born in japan, i have the japaneese mew and then i moved 2 america, no event. EVER!