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I noticed certain changes in the dialogue in Restaurant le Wow.

I know that the dialogue will change when you complete all the courses perfectly, but I noticed after a few more times going back that the dialogue changed again (the waitress got even more courteous), but I'm not sure what made her change her dialogue.

So, what are all the dialogue changes in Restaurant Le Wow and what are the requirements for those changes?

I bet you're just imagining things. :P xD
don't take it the wrong way fondant. I'm not insulting your question or you, just saying its hard to answer.
well it seems no one wants to answer so I would suggest to google when does the text change in restaurant le wow or how to get in restaurant le wow, but its only a suggestion
Sorry I thought you were complaining; I'll take that back.
Also I'm definitely not imagining things. The waitress now tells me to watch my step because "we wouldn't want anything to happen to you", or something to that effect, which she didn't say before.
And Google did not oblige.
Lol that waitress is sounding more like a nurse

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Like you said, the dialogue changes when you get a perfect score in every course. Each course with a perfect score will have a star next to it.

I also think the dialogue changes when you have high enough style points. The price will also change from 100,000 to 90,000 with enough style.

The price already changed for me long before the dialogue did. Does battling the restaurant gain you style points? I didn't do anything to change my style points except battling at the restaurant.
I believe just spending time in Lumiose gains style points. I don't know if battling in the restaurants specifically does. The style points was just a guess anyway - I couldn't find anything online about the speech change in Le Wow.
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i think it dephents on howmany turns it takes you to finish it
for example when you 1-HKO every pokemo you get beter rewards and a better speach
but if it takes you 4 turns to finish every Pokemon you wont get that good of rewards and not that good of a speech