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Do Rare Candies or Rare Juice affect stat growth at all? I remember hearing that if you give a Pokémon a Rare Candy to level them up then it will halve the stats - is this true? and if so, does the same apply to Rare Juice?

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I assume you mean Rare Soda, not Rare Juice.

Anyway, the answer is no; the use of the items themselves does not effect stat growth at all. However, they can still effect your Pokemon's stats. Along with EXP Points, Pokemon get EVs from defeating a Pokemon. At level 100, 4 EVs = 1 stat point in the stat the EVs are in. Since Rare Candies and Rare Sodas allow you to get experience points without participating in a battle, the Pokemon won't be getting EVs.

So really, they are just a less efficient way of levelling up a Pokemon in terms of stats. They do not have any negative effect. They don't halve stats, they just don't give you any EVs.

If you are unaware of what EVs are, read up about them here.

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I'm aware of what EVs are ^_^ I think it's Rare Juice that can be made in the Berry Shoppe? Increases a Pokémon's level between 1 and 4? :3 But yeah, no EVs is fine ^_^ I can do that using S.T :D "Technology is awesome!"
Yeah Super Training is probably a good way to make up for the EVs. I am sure it is Rare Soda though, unless I remember incorrectly >.>
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EVs are what affect stats. Rare candies just add levels without any evs like battling does. If your EVs are already maxed then you won't have any affect when you level up, but they won't magically reduce stats.

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