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I have received a regirock via the GTS however it has a Japanese name and i'm not really too keen on having that, is there any way at all that I can change the name?


i'm fairly certain that regirock is hacked.
How can you say that when all we know is that the Regirock has a Japanese name?
Because regirock isn't available in normal gameplay andpoketransfer isn't available yet, unless the japanese person was one of the few people who was able to get pokemon bank and poketransfer.

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Since you cannot breed another Regirock, no.
However, if you can breed another Pokemon, the offspring will have an English name.

If you have a Pokemon you can breed and breed it with a Pokemon of another country (like Korean Sylveon with English Glaceon), the offspring has a x6 probability of being shiny!

If you absolutely need a Regirock with an English name, catch it in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, Platinum, or Black/White 2 and migrate it to X & Y.

  • If you caught it in R/S/E, transfer it via Pal Park to a Gen4 game, then transfer it via Poke Transfer to B/W or B2/W2, and then migrate it to X & Y via Poke Bank.

  • If you caught it in Platinum, transfer it to B/W or B2/W2 via Poke Transfer, then migrate it to X & Y via Poke Bank.

  • If you caught it in B2/W2, migrate it to X & Y via Poke Bank.

Source: Korean Sylveon on my team and English Eevee in PC Box, and experience.

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You can't change the name of a Pokemon that you did not originally own. Sorry mate. :(

However, don't get down on having a Japanese Regirock, it's more authentic to receive a Pokemon from the country it's idea was conceived in!

How do you even get a non English named pokémon?
Global Trade Station.
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The short answer is no.

The only way to get a Pokemon to change its language is by evolving it or by hacking. Since Regirock can't evolve, you can only hack to change its name.

If you really just want a Regirock with an English name, catch one in B2W2 and transfer it via Pokebank or trade for another one.