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Pokémon Y - First Game Clear?

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When I walk into a Pokémon Center and check the PC there's an option called 'Records'. I click on this and it says "First Game Clear - See the team that was with you when you cleared the game the first time." Is this referring to defeat of the Elite Four, or, is this implying that there's a way to play through the game again without clearing the saved data? I'd love to experience the game again ^_^

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It refers to you first time defeating Diantha.

And, no, there is no way to replay the game without clearing out saved data. (Besides getting a whole new copy of the game).

Source: Experience and checking the PC myself

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It means the first time you bear the Elite Four and Champion. Unfortunately there is no way to play the game again without clearing your save data besides getting another copy of the game or using the 'New Game' option, but you won't be able to save on that.

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Yeah, this just means beating the League again.

You will have to restart your game in order to play through again.
There is no point in beating the league again, unless you want more money, or you want to train, so don't bother.

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