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I have defeated the Elite Four,Done the Looker Bureau stuff and can't seem to become interested anymore...Other than Breeding ,(which is a boring pain),Is there anything else "FUN" to do in Kalos anymore?


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There are a plethora of options:

  • Get the Pokeradar and start shiny chaining
  • Get into competitive battling
  • Start using Friend Safaris
  • Wonder trading
  • Catch the legendaries (Mewtwo, Zygarde & either Articuno/ Zapdos/ Moltres)
  • Battle Maison/ Battle Chateau
  • Restaurants in Lumiose (Le Wow, Le Yeah etc.)
  • Up your style in Lumiose
  • Find all the mega stones
  • Restart on a Nuzlocke (or another) challenge
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whats a nuzlocke?
carebears123 please your ingame name for the mudkip
Anyone have a treecko? Need one.
a nuzlocke is an unwritten challenge with hard strange rules... such as release any pokemon who faint...
who invented nuzlockes?
You can also do the Looker Missions
here's a video on what nuzlockes are and where they came from.