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Over Internet battling, I find that a lot of people use rotom. I find trouble in these cases and most likely lose that match. How do I counter it?

Ps. Most people who uses rotom have heat or wash forms.


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Basically any bulky grass type will do the trick. Celebi, Roserade, Trevenant, you name it. They resist both STABs and most take little damage from HP Ice, although species that lack Natural Cure and are physical should watch out for Will-O-Wisp. Gastrodon also does a very fine job as it immune to both of it's STAB moves and doesn't care about a Will-O-Wisp or HP Ice. Dragon types deserve a mention to as they resist both STABs, but the 4x weak ones will hate HP Ice.

I'll do Rotom-H later.

You can destroy them both with an excadrill.
I agree, max speed excadrill (with jolly nature) or a haxorus could take care of rotom unless it has a scarf
There's a difference between a check and a counter...
You could even scarf the Excadrill or Haxorus.
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A Rotom (wash form) has one weakness: Grass; however, Rotom (heat form) resists grass as it is part fire. Therefore, you need to use a ground type move, (after their ability is surpressed to get rid of levitate) as ground is the only weakness they have in common. I would suggest using Excadrill, as it has mold-breaker to negate levitate, then hit them hard with STAB earthquake.

An Excadrill with mold-breaker can be found in the friend safari, in Steel types.

I don't have a steel friend safari.
All you need to do is try your luck! use wonder trade to be an aquaintance with someone who IS playing, then trade or battle them, then afterwards register them as a friend.
How do you register them as friends?! Sorry, haven't been able to play Pokemon Y in 2 months. :c
It will give you a picture of their player, and below it will say Don't register. seen that before? Just press on the player, and then it will say Register underneath, so click it. Friends can only be registered if both players click it, but most players will.