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Hey everybody, I was doing some research on marowaks move-sets and noticed it can learn belly drum. so is it to risky giving it belly drum since it doesn't have the best defenses?


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Well, there are few Pokemon who can really make good use of Belly Drum.

One of these Pokemon is Linoone who had the ability to really wreck some teams in 5th generation NU. Linoone has pretty frail defense as well at 78/61/61. However, if Linoone gets the +6 then it is known for cleaning up teams with a powerful STAB Extremespeed.

Another one of these Pokemon is Azumarill. Azumarill just recently received Belly Drum which is great with its ability Huge Power. Now after Azumarill gets the +6 from Belly Drum it is know for ramming everything with a STAB Aqua Jet.

But Marowak doesn't get a STAB priority move, in fact, it doesn't get any attacking priority moves! This is not good especially because after a Belly Drum its slow base 45 speed coupled with 60/110/80 defenses will not keep it alive to do much damage.

TL;DR: Marowak is not an effective user of Belly Drum like some other Pokemon.


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Slow base 45 attack
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Marowak has some decent defenses. Defense at 110 and Sp. Def at 80.
It should take a attack from an opponenet, even at 1/2 health.

Heres an example Marowak

Adamant Nature
252 def/ 252 sp def/ 4 attack or 4 Hp
Belly Drum- Gonna make it boss
Earthquake/ Stone edge-Attacking moves (users with earthquake, beware of Pokemon with levitate or flying types)
Substitute-Makes it a whole lot harder to defeat
Protect/Skull Bash- Protect to cover hp with leftovers, Skull Bash to raise def while covered with Substitute

You'll want the 504 evs in defense because it will insure that Marowak sticks in another turn for a attack. You can either have 4 more evs in attack or hp, it will just make marowak hit even harder or it will support the defenses.

Overall, you can sweep with Marowak just with this example but you will need another Pokemon that knows Trick Room, as Marowak has a base stat of 45 in Speed.

Hope I helped!!




hmm… maybe. very risky strategy tough. brave>adamant :P
Either nature works