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Will weakness policy increase attack even more if belly drum has already maxed attack? Or would weakness policy be a wast of an item?

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No, Belly Drum will still make the Attack Boost automatically to +4 regardless of a Weakness Policy boost. Similar to using Belly Drum on a Pokemon with minus stages of Attack, it will always round up the boosts to +6.

Source: Experience.

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+6, or x4
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>The modifiers conferred by moves operate on a sliding scale of stages. When a given stat is raised or lowered, its current stage is increased or decreased by the amount dictated by the move, up to a maximum of +6 or a minimum of -6.


Thus, regardless of Weakness Policy or not, it will gain +6 (x4) Attack.

Tested it on Showdown as well. Weakness Policy + Belly Drum won't work.

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