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I've noticed that almost all Team Flare people have either Houndoom, Liepard, or Mightyana. Is this coincidence, or something fun Game Freak added?


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My Illogical Theory

Here's meh theory. :3

I believe that they use Dark-types, as Dark-types mostly represent evil. In my boring English class we learnt that directors normally associate dull, black colours with evil people, and light, white colours will good people. As Infiniti stated, Poison-types are also shown because poison is deadly - to kill someone with poison would be evil!

Why they use cats of dogs, on the other hand - have you read these Pokemon's entries?
>Purrloin, the Devious Pokémon. Purrloin fools people into letting their guard down so it can steal their possessions. When angered, it uses its claws to fight back.


>Mightyena gives obvious signals when it is preparing to attack. It starts to growl deeply and then flattens its body. This Pokémon will bite savagely with its sharply pointed fangs.

And there are always Pokemon like Misdreavus and Drifloon, who are also evil in their Pokedex entries, but I think Misdreavus let's off a 'girly' feeling (That's why I love it. Lol. xD) and Drifloon is a balloon. A BALLOON.

enter image description here

So, yeah. xD

I think I've explained enough. :3
Hope I helped. :)

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Dat pic tho
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Most bad teams have poison or dark types as it fits in with the game. Imagine an evil sorcerer having a cleffa, seems weird doesn't it?
Also dark types are defeaten by fighting types and fighting types are normally good at they beat the evil people in most situations.

Well, yeah, I get that, but they use mostly the quadrupes. The Cat/Dog-ish animals.