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A few things that made me think this:

  1. You find the Elite Four Malva in this Hotel, who also happens to be an ex- high order official in Team Flare.

>2. The hotel also serves Slowpoketail, which was probably the reason in Gen II games that caused the hero to fight Team Rocket at first. Since Team Flare's widely accepted goal is making money, this actually makes sense.

This question might be unnecessary or stupid, tell me so and I'll hide it.

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We don't know if they are officially related. We can just spread rumors, I guess. :P

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Well it's a definite possibility as Hotel Richissime is located in Lumious City, the same location as Lysandre Cafe and Lysandre Labs. Malva who is a member of the Elite 4 and ex-member of Team Flare can also be fought in the hotel as part of one of the missions during the Looker sidequest after upgrading the Mega Ring.

So I'd say it'd definitely possibly but as of right it's unconfirmed, maybe when Team Flare or Hotel Richissime appear in the Anime it will bring us more hints as to whether or not Hotel Richissime is related to Team Flare, but as of right now we can't say for sure.

On a separate note:

>A man at the reception desk will let the player stay overnight, healing their Pokémon, at the cost of 100,000 Pokémon Dollars.

If that's not robbery I don't know what is! xD

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:o you can't be serious about that last note xD
Yeah lol, Hotel Richissime must be related to Team Flare if they're charging you that much to stay the night xD
You're welcome btw :3
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  1. This could be possible, although I don't see a hotel working for Team Flare. This may be true though, as the shop in Mahogany Town worked for Team Rocket
  2. This is less potent then number 1, because there is no official connection between Team Rocket/Flare. Also, I didn't think Team Rocket bought items from the shop. On the other hand, Slowpoke tail is worth a lot.
    Hope I helped
He mentioned Slowpoke tails because they're expensive. Since Flare wants money, they could sell those for a high price.
More importantly illegal as well. But I can't afford to take Gamefreak seriously xD
Thanks though!