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This is the card:
So I bought a Pokemon Phantom Forces booster pack yesterday, and my rare was a Team Flare card called Head Ringer! It has red borders and has a stamp in the middle of the card with FLARE on it. The whole card is also holographic, which looks very neat.

I've heard these were pretty hard to pull, but not how hard. What exactly is the rarity of this card? Should I properly protect it? Is it worth anything?

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From experience, I don't feel that the Flare cards are any rarer than the Plasma cards, although this is from experience in playing TCG online.

I also believe that the Head Ringer card is classed as rare, as indicated by the star at the bottom border of the card. Having said that, the Head Ringer is a rather useful card because it's so difficult for your opponent to remove without a supporter card, which potentially wastes their turn using Xerosic when they could've used N/ Sycamore/ etc.

Should you protect it with its individual plastic pocket? No. Generally speaking, the only things worth protecting from booster packs are EXs and full arts. Otherwise, just keep it safe and that's good enough for the Flare cards.

As for its worth, I presume you'll be able to get some similarly useful tool cards (no Ace Specs), but that's about it.

Basically, the Flare cards look much rare than they are because of their design. :P

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Just letting you know ow: I don't play the TCG xD I just collect. I do have a few Ace Spec cards. I heard those were rare.
Yea Ace Specs are rare, but even within the Ace Specs there's a hierarchy; Computer Search is worth the most, then Dowsing Machine, then Scramble Switch, then the rest are pretty equal.
Worth depends on both rarity and usefulness, so basically the Flare Card is quite useful, but isn't all that rare.
I own Crystal Wall and Crystal Edge.  Are those worth much?
Those two no, because they're Kyurem specific. It's like the Victory Piece for Victini. They're also not like the Gensect Ace Spec, G-Booster, which by passes abilities/ item modifiers on your opponent.

Crystal Wall & Crystal Edge are probably only worth while to a collector; I've never seen anyone use them in play. Victory Piece I think would be worth slightly more; it's a bit more useful and I've seen it very rarely in play.
So Plasma cards are more rarer??i got a Chandelure in a Plasma Card
No. Plasma cards are pretty common. Certain ones are rarer (like the EXs), but 2nd stage Pokemon that are Plasma cards are relatively common.
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As fondant said, the rarity for Head Ringer is a rare holofoil, and is no rarer than other rare holofoils.

I'm not sure what the standard site used for pricing Pokemon cards is, but research has placed the card to be around $7-$10. Do note though that you will not be able to easily sell it for this price, and that you should expect more around $3-$6 when selling it.

At the very least, it's worth putting it into a binder sleeve. Binder sleeves are very cheap after all, I buy mine at my local game shop for around $0.10 a page, and they do a perfectly fine job of preventing bend.