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I got a Golett card (42/111) with 9000 hp. Is this rare? I can't seem to find any others like it and they all have 90 hp.

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It's either fake or misprinted. Fake if someone traded it to you/you found it randomly, and a misprint if you found it in a regular pack of cards.

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There are two explanations:

One, it is a fake. Two, it is a misprint. The former is probably the case if you got from some random person or found it on the street. The latter is more likely if you got it from an unopened pack of cards. Either way, it is probably one-of-a-kind.

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The latter is the most probable outcome. I have a huge stack of these cards and they have two extra zeroes everywhere. 50 HP becomes 5000 and an attack doing 80 damage becomes 8000.
No it's definitely not one of a kind, not when your brother gets heaps of them.