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I really want to feed my skitty it, but I cant find one. Are they like, rare or something?

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Gummis don't have a rarity, per se, but they can be difficult to find. Some good places for finding Gummis are Amp Plains and Craggy Coast, they seem to have a higher spawn rate. You can also find them occasionally in Kecleon's Shop or as rewards for missions. Keep in mind that all Gummis raise our IQ, but Gummis of the same type will raise it more.

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In Red & Blue rescue team, White Gummis can be found at Mt. Steel, Sinister Woods, Silent Chasm, Mt. Thunder, Mt. Thunder Peak, Stormy Sea. In Explorers of Time they can be found in most dungeons. In Explorers of Sky White Gummis can be found at Blizzard Island, Marine Resort.

White Gummis cannot be found in Explorers of Darkness.


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i actually found one as a reward for a mission