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I know Suction Cups and Sticky hold increase the rate of hooking a Pokémon during fishing, but I want to know the EXACT rate. Lets say, like 50%. BTW, what's the rate of hooking a Pokémon without Suction Cups or Sticky Hold?

Whoever answers this question is gonna have to do a LOT of math.....or they might find on the internet :P
i dont know the exact amount, but i know every time i go fishing with my accelgor in first place (with the ability sticky hold) it always lands a pokemon, and i mean 100% of the time. it never misses, i dont know if that just means my accelgor is lucky, of that the ability guarantees a 100% hook rate

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There is no rate if you have a Pokemon with suction cups/sticky hold in the front of your party, there is a guaranteed chance.

Source: the dozens of chains that I did that didn't break cause I had suction cups

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