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Include the following:

-3 Spike Layers
-Stealth Rock weakness x4
-Leech Seed w/ Big Root (if Big Root effects it)
-Badly Poisoned Effect
-Head Smash on a 714 HP Blissey
-Rough Skin
-Rocky Helmet
-Wrap/Fire Spin (or any other similar moves) with Binding Band
-any other indirect effects

And do these calculations on a 714 HP Blissey, as percentages lead into greater damage values as the Blissey has the most HP any Pokemon can have. Pretend Blissey is 4x weak to rock

Report this as a numerical value, so if the Blissey takes 1/2 damage, it takes 357 damage.

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What do you mean by "Not Toxic"? You mean badly poisoned doesn't count?
btw, does recoil damage count?
Badly Poisoned does count (I wasn't thinking right)
Lemme add Recoil
Oh, I don't think recoil is possible to do since each Pokemon has different HP.
No, Recoil is possible, it just isn't a percent.

i.e. Head Smash on a Blissey
But you can't add the recoil together with the %'s unless you give us a set # of HP
Just did.
I think I'll try to answer this. I have a few more indirect damage things in mind so I'll add those in :)
This question all depends on how much damage Toxic caps out at.
In other words, bad poison begins at 6.25% damage, increasing by 6.25% each turn until eventually capping at 93.75%, or 15/16 of the victim's maximum HP. The counter will reset to one whenever the badly poisoned Pokemon leaves the field.


Caps out at 15/16 HP, or 669.375 HP

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So we are using 714 HP to calculate? K.

  • 3 Layers of Spikes = 176 damage
  • 4x Steath Rock weakness = 357 damage
  • Leech Seed = 44 Damage (Big Root doesn't effect damage btw)
  • Maximum damage from Badly Poisoned effect = 714 damage (according to Serebii the damage keeps multiplying until the Pokemon faints)
  • Head Smash recoil damage from OHKO on Max HP Blissey = 357 damage
  • Dry Skin damage from Sun = 89 Damage
  • Aftermath damage = 176 damage
  • Damage from Rocky Helmet = 119 damage
  • Curse damage = 176 damage
  • Damage from Bind, Clamp, Infestation, Fire Spin, Magma Storm, Sand Tomb, Whirlpool and Wrap boosted by Binding Band = 712 damage
  • Grass Pledge + Fire Pledge damage = 89 damage

All these added together creates 3,009 damage. So that Blissey is gone for sure - 4 times over the OHKO in fact.
If anybody has any other passive damage things too add, let me know. I'll do everything else.

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You forgot Rough Skin.
I had Aftermath instead, which does more damage.
This is assuming that he isn't allowing two+ abilities? Because if he is I can add a few more.
Jeeesus Christ!
There is also the Fire Pledge+Grass Pledge combo that can deal damage, and Hail/Sand damage as well.
Oh yeah, weather.
Actually I used the Dry Skin effect from Sunlight instead of the passive damage from Sand and Hail. Dry Skin does 1/8 and weather does 1/16. But the Pledge combo works, thanks for that one :)