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I'm trying out new Competitive battles in X/Y and I have to choose between these two guys.

Which has access to better moves, whose stats are better, and how are they typically used in the competitive battles of today.

Pros and Cons are suggested.

If you find Pokemon better than either Accelgor or Gallade. Please explain them.

What's the rest of your team?
So far, Dragonite, Empoleon, Charizard, and thats it for now. Whoever is the best out of Accelgor and Gallade will be who I build my team around.

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There's no "best" out of them. Accelgor is for a supportive Pokémon that sets up toxic spikes and pokes with U-turn (with STAB you can take out a lot of psychic and dark Pokémon). Gallade is a physical sweeper. I recommend accelgor, because with gallade, you have a possible 4 physical sweepers on you team (depending on what kind of mega/non-mega charizard you have) so, accelgor makes for a more flexible team, rather than relying on physical sweeps, where someone can shut you down with a physical wall.
Hope I helped.

I never thought of Accelgor that way before. Thanks!