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No comment. Kind of annoyed that the two Uber non-legendaries are no longer Uber


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Excadrill was not Uber at the beginning of Gen V. Smogon unbanned a few Pokemon, all previously OU, in order to see how they would perform in OU with the new threats. Only the initial ban list Pokemon (Mewtwo etc.) remain Uber.

Also, you should note that Blaziken faces a threat from Gale Wings Talonflame, and Excadrill received a nerf as well; Sand Rush is no longer permanent. Smogon is basically seeing how these Pokemon will perform in a new OU, and if they're too OP'd, they get moved up to Ubers.

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Do most people see Ubers as a bad thing? I've always felt like it was the OP tier, and it was an "achievement" for that pokemon if they were in it.
Blaziken was already moved up to Uber.
Excadrill isn't worthy of Uber with the weather nerf. It isn't gonna be moved up this gen.
I agree, excadrill has a more popular niche as a mold breaker spinner which isn't that uber worthy anyways
Mold Breaker Excadrill is still a massive threat though, esp. to all Rotom forms except Spin.