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What the title says.

From what ive heard, it dropped From ou because it lost its ability to basically outspeed everything after a boost. New pokemon like dragapult and reieleki koed ones with just one boost, even with jolly. Of course, a past uber has no place in uu, so it was banned. Unable to keep up, it got stuck in uubl
Most teams don't carry either Dragapult or Regieleki. I'm pretty sure removing Electrium Z is the most important reason, because the Electrium Z lets Blaziken usually OHKO Slowbro, Toxapex, and Tapu Fini after one swords dance.

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Because it doesn't have a good match up in ou. In gen seven, Blaziken had the option to brute force its way thru its counters via electric z crystal boosted thunderpunch, which would kill Toxapex, Slowbro and Tapu Fini in one shot. However, z crystals are no longer a thing in gen eight and as such, it can no longer kill it's counters with thunderpunch boosted by adamant nature, life orb and thunderpunch, altho it does maim them real hard but at the same time, they would also kill the fire chicken with their water type move. Not only that, Landorus Therian is also back and a bulky set can live a flare blitz after swords dance and intimidate and can kill Blaziken with one earthquake, even if it is uninvested

These struggles, as well as the fact that even though Blaziken has speed boost, it still has only base eighty speed, leaving it outspeed by many choice scarfers and some offensive threats even at + 1 speed, has led Blaziken drop to uu. In the council voting ban, Blaziken barely missed the banhammer but the playerbase wanted it banned and as such, a suspect test was made. Blaziken was banned after the voting stage and even though it is a big threat, it is still a big hit or miss Pokemon and ou players usually want Pokemon that can put in consistent performance

In short, the playerbase decided that Blaziken was too powerful for ss uu but is too much of a hit or miss to be consistently used in ou

Source: Experience and this https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/np-ss-uu-stage-8-1-this-hearts-on-fire.3674927/

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If you mean why is it so high, it's mainly because of its hidden ability, speed boost. You can force switches against Pokemon like Blissey and set up an SD, and all of a sudden it's +2 atk +1 spe, plus you can carry protect. It has a good offensive typing, and it can run Stone Edge for coverage.

If you mean why is it not OU, it's because it doesn't have its mega form anymore, so its stats are a little hard to work with.

The reason why it's not OU is also because it's hard to sweep with Blaziken now, entry hazards are at their peak, which destroy both SashSD and Life Orb Blaziken. Sash Blaziken has to rely on Blaze Kick and Fire Punch instead of Flare Blitz, and the power gap is noticeable. If it runs Life Orb instead, one simple prediction could mean game over for Blaziken. There are also several things that can outspeed Adamant Blaziken after a boost, forcing it to give up some power, and Scarfers are rampant