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I can't find one on the site, and it would be useful to know exactly which apricon to give Kurt, seeing as I want fast balls for Latios


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  • Red Apricorn = Level Ball
  • Ylw Apricorn = Moon Ball
  • Blu Apricorn = Lure Ball
  • Grn Apricorn = Friend Ball
  • Pnk Apricorn = Love Ball
  • Wht Apricorn = Fast Ball
  • Blk Apricorn = Heavy Ball

So for Fast Balls, you'll want Wht Apricorns, which can be found on Route 38 and in Azalea Town and Pewter City.


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thank you so  much. very useful
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Red Apricorn berry a Level ball
Yellow Apricorn makes Moon ball
Blue Apricorn makes a Lure ball
Green Apricorn makes a Friend ball
Pink Apricorn makes a Love ball
White Apricorn makes a Fast ball
Black Apricorn makes a Heavy ball