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I'm going on a Training Spree to train up Nuzlocke(Nuzleaf), Couriron(Pikachu), Kiloude(Leavanny), Gaiatend(Gallade), and Gardevent(Gardevoir) up to at least level 82. I need a good way to do this spree. Either go in Victory Road and beat the crap out of every single Wild Pokémon or send them to the Daycare to level up(But I need to prevent Gaiatend and Gardevent from breeding). I need good ideas on techniques and items I could use to boost Lower Leveled Pokémon up. Leave those Ideas below please.

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Elite Four Grinding - Beat the Elite Four and Diantha, should yield enough XP for leveling up from Level 1 to Level 36.

Grand Duchess Diantha - In the Battle Chateau, once you are of the Grand Duke/Duchess rank, you can battle four of Diantha's Pokemon. If you issue a Black Writ of Challenge, they are all Level 80.

  • Battle Chateau - It in itself is a great way to train your Pokemon. It has relativity high level Pokemon and is a good source for experience.

These are two good ways to train. There are plenty of other ways like smashing through Victory Road, but these are the two most efficient ways to train.

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What I've found the easiest is to battle many hordes on the higher level routes and leveling up lower leveled Pokemon becomes easier.

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