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I know that there are loads of stuff to do after the Elite Four, and I'll list what I've done. I'm not positive if there are more:

  • Complete the National Pokedex.
  • Get more medals.
  • Battle N and catch Reshiram, then later Kyurem. And fuse them. And later battling his weather teams.
  • Trade with Yancy / Curtis.
  • PWT
  • Catching N's Pokemon.
  • Catching all the legendaries.
  • Battling Alder.
  • Battling Benga and defeating White Treehollow and Black Tower.
  • Exploring the Nature Sanctuary and catching Shiny Haxorus.
  • Battle Cynthia.
  • Battling Cress, Cilan, and Chili in Straiton City.
  • Battle Colress and get the 2nd Master Ball.
  • Battle Subway
  • Rechallenge the Elite Four.

I'm getting sort of bored with the game a bit. is there something I missed?


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  • Collect the Relics from the Abyssal Ruins.
  • Collect all of Arceus Plates.
  • Get that DW Mandibuzz/ Braviary on Route 4 on Thursday & Monday respectivaly.
  • If you have Genesect, go get your 2 Drives at Route 18.
  • Collect all the TMs.
  • Sell some items to those Maniacs.
  • Wait till Winter for some extra fun aroud Unova.
  • Battle every NPC.
  • Do all in-game trades.
  • Collect all fossils.
  • Unlock all 5 pieces of furniture from Loblolly's studio in Nacrene City.
  • Go to GAMEFREAK headquaters in Castelia City and show them who is BAWS!
  • Find all 3 Harlequins in Castelia City (You get a Rare Candy. Yum.)
  • Go shard hunting.

If you used Memory Link:

  • Go watch those flashbacks.
  • Go to your room and see any accomplishments that transfered over from B/W.

If you are REALLY bored:

  • If you have Black 2, restart it on Challenge Mode.
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Braviary looks awesome ;)
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Just to tack onto DA's answer.

If you are REALLY, REALLY bored:

  • Restart the game and do a Nuzlocke Run, on challenge mode if you're a real Pokemon Master. ( or beat the game with a patrat :D )

Nuzlocke Rules

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What's a Nuzlocke run?
nuzlocke sounds really tough...
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Well I think there's two things that you missed:
Have you made some movies at pokestar studios yet? I can find that pretty entertaining.

You can also doo some Join Ave. business. It's fun to upgrade your avenue!

Hope I helped you, Mew:3!

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