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Are you able to start, not continue, the Dropped Item sidequest with Yancy/Curtis in BW2 in the post-game? I’ve tried looking for it in Nimbasa City by the little flower patch (where it’s supposed to be) but it’s not there. And it’s not already in my bag, otherwise I wouldn’t be asking this question. If you know, I’d appreciate that.

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Can you give detail on this dropped item (it's name too if that's not it's name). I think I could try to help you on the weekend.
^I think that’s the name of the item. It’s the Dropped X-transceiver from Yancy/Curtis

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Yes. It is in a pokeball like all items. Watch a YouTube video of you can’t find it there. Other wise you might have already have it, and not realize it.

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Ok, I was just confused because I did go watch a video and I went to the spot, and I didn’t find the poke ball there, and I checked through my bag and it wasn’t there either
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