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After every time I battle or trade with an acquaintance, It asks me if I want to friend him! But the game says I can't press "register" because I don't have a fiend code! How do I get one?

to add to the best answer, in case anyone comes across this when googleing this issue, you must do a quick friend code questionaire on your 3ds before you can add friends.  it will automatically prompt you for this if you press the orange face (even while a game is suspended) and it only needs to be done one time.

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You have a friend code. It is your 3DS Friend Code. It can be found here, on the top, the orange smiley face:

Click the orange smiley face and your profile will appear with your friend code. When it asks for a friend code, it means the friend code of the person you're adding.

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Don't worry! Everyone has a friend code!

On the home page of the 3DS, at the top there is an orange smiley face in a square box. Click that. This will take you to a list of friends that you already have, as well as your much-yearned for friend code.

How to add people?
You can add people locally or through the internet. If you want to add someone locally (close by), have you and your friend touch the 'Local' button and sooner or later you will both be registered.

If you want to add people via the internet, click the 'Internet' button and you will need to manually insert their friend code. :)

If you want to add the person you battled/traded/whatevered with, it has to be an Acquaintance. You might not be able to register your friend possibly because the person you requested didn't want to be your friend.

Hope I helped. :)
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