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We all know that certain foods are fatal to real-life animals (like chocolate for dogs). Would human food harm a Pokemon?


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No. Pokemon have eaten food that humans eat in a handful of anime episodes and did not react in any way at all (though most of those foods are fruits like cherries and apples).

Bulbapedia states that Pokemon have been seen eating rice balls and chocolate with no signs of illness (like Meowth who will eat practically anything that Jessie and James would). Pokemon can also eat things like ice cream and cookies as proven in the games by items like Casteliacones and Lava Cookies. Pokemon also seem to like honey, since if it is used out in the open, it will attract wild Pokemon.

Don't forget about Pikachu's love for Ketchup xD
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So far in the anime, Pokemon only eats Pokemon food.
In Ocansians that the Pokemon eats human food, it wasn't poisonous