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I know about how each ultra beast is supposed to faintly resemble one of the humans in alola, but i'm curious about some of them. Nihilego looks like Lillie, Pheromosa looks like Lusamine, Xurkitree looks like Guzma, but what about Buzzwole, Celesteela, Kartana, and Guzzlord?


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I personally think this is most likely how it goes:

Nihilego = Lillie
Buzzwole = Gladion
Phermosa = Lusamine
Xurkitree = Guzma
Kartana = Wicke??
Celesteela = Faba??
Guzzlord = Hala
Necrozma = I have no idea.

Not official, but a guess.

Necrozma isn't technically an Ultra Beast.
It isn't? Oops.
Necrozma is NOT an ultra beast. I vote down - which I already did. Let me show you something. Look at Nihilego's location and Necrozma's location.
Nihilego - http://pokemondb.net/location/alola-wela-volcano-park - Ultra Beast Mission, post-game
Necrozma - http://pokemondb.net/location/alola-ten-carat-hill - After completing Ultra Beast Mission
And, who in the game is Faba?
Dahryl, you realize how long ago this answer was posted, right? I know very well Necrozma isnt a ultra beats by now. So does everyone else. This comment, in my opinion, was unessecary.

And Faba is the Aether Foundation guy with the glasses.
@DahrylJ Necrozma is a legendary. Someone above had already mentioned it and you no need to repeat it. Its unnecessary to type caps and be angry about it. Also, downvoting this is very Unnecessary. Your links and proof is also very Unnecessary since everyone already knows that Necrozma is a Legendary, not an Ultra Beast.
@KipKip Ultra beat? You mean Ultra BEAST.
@Orange Gainer Why would I be angry? And what do you mean type caps?
@DahrylJ Are you kidding me dude? It was a flipping typo. Now could you please quit with the drama? It's very unessecary.
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I'm pretty sure Kartana is Mohn.

Celesteela might be Faba because of the color scheme and technology theme, but I think it's more likely Kahili since they have the similar color scheme, feminine appearance, carry rods (golf club and bamboo blasters), and matching flying type (though that means nothing since it's not like Guzzlord or Xurkitree match types with their human counterparts).

And if Necrozma has a human counterpart I think it would be an inverted Kukui, Kukui with his white lab coat and Necrozma being black. They also have rainbows as their spot color (Kukui on cap, Necrozma on face) and they're both kinda like the "last boss". Wild guess on this one though, I'm totally not sure. It's not technically an Ultra Beast, but it's got an obvious connection to them.

now i can't really say who the counter parts are, but to answer the connection of Necrozma to the ultra beasts, i think that Necrozma is the "last resort" just in case the tapu's get beaten by the UB's. because very few of the UB's have significant SP.DEFENSE stats and Necrozma has INSANE SP.ATTACK stats and is faster that most of the UB's as well. so yeah thats my thoughts.