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Are ultra beasts Pokémon?

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Short Answer: Yes, I'd say they are.

Long Answer: While it's kinda debatable, I'd say they are. Firstly, they have all the characteristics of one: they have moves, abilities, and types, they can be caught in a ball, yada yada. If they weren't Pokemon, then none of that would really apply. Secondly, they never have any function outside of being Pokemon: while its true that they have the whole post-game side quest, we never see them in the overworld knocking down buildings or whatever. Nope, they're there to be caught. And its true that their designs are very strange, but that can be owed them being Pokemon from Ultra Space, where everything is all weird and crazy. So, because of all of this... see the short answer, I guess!

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Hey ill leave this answer up but guesses are not answers. You need to find evidence or proof to back up your answer. Im pretty sure the Ultra beast are not classified as pokemon though. Just being catchable and having abilities and moves doesnt definitely make them pokemon.
Also the games specifically makes a point to not call them pokemon but rather just "beast" and as most people in the alola region make it seem they dont know exactly what they are, making me think they arent completely pokemon. Dont get me wrong im not saying your answer is wrong but again you say its a guess so we will need definite proof.
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Yes. They have moves, abilities, and classifications. They are just from Ultra Space. Kind of how like Hurricane is used in the Atlantic, Caribbean Sea, central and northeast Pacific. They are typhoons in the northwest Pacific. They are still the same thing though.

source: experience http://www.cbsnews.com/news/typhoon-hurricane-cyclone-heres-the-difference/ (because I forgot where typhoons were lol

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Well, I wouldn't classify them as Pokemon. I think of them as beings from another world, given the fact that they come from Ultra Wormholes, which in science are possible entrances to a world parallel to our own
So, no I'd classify them as aliens in the Pokemon world. (AND DONT GET STARTED ON DEOXYS!!! loook at the pokedex for that)
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Deoxys is an ALIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what? they are pokemon lol