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Have I got 31 perfect Ivs?

Pokemon species froakie

characteristics capable of taking hits

nature calm

level 5

Hp 20

Attack 9

Defense 10

Sp attack 11

Sp defense 11

Speed 13

calculate individual values

#656 Froakie [Calm]IVs: 18 - 31 / 0 - 27 / 26, 31 / 0 - 15 / 12 - 31 / 18 - 31Stats at Lv.5: 20 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 11 / 13

PS I don't want to check them in Kiloude City because I just started my Pokemon X&Y game and I have to beat the champion to get there

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Okay I think I understand what your asking. So your Pokémon's details are:

Pokémon: Froakie
Nature: Calm
Characteristic: Capable of talking hits
Hidden Power: You don't know because you've just started the game
Overall Potential: You also don't know because you've just started the game
Best Stat: You also don't know this
Level: 5
HP: 20
Attack: 9
Defence: 10
Special Attack: 11
Special Defence: 11
Speed: 13

So your IV Spread results after using the IV Calculator are:

HP: 18- 31
Attack: 0- 27
Defence: 26, 31
Special Attack: 0- 15
Special Defence: 12- 31
Speed: 18- 31

Above these in the Individual Value boxes, it should have given you these figures:

HP: 24
Attack: 13
Defence: 26
Special Attack: 7
Special Defence: 21
Speed: 24

These figures are not 100% guaranteed to be your IV's in each Stat. The reason the IV Calculator has given you these figures in the Individual Value boxes, is because it has selected the number in the middle of the IV Spread since it can't confirm what your IV's in each Stat actually are. So for example your HP IV will be between 18 to 31, but because the IV Calculator requires more information in order for it to calculate your IV's accurately, it has put 24 in the Individual Value box for HP as it is roughly in the middle of 18 and 31.

The reason why the Individual Calculator has not given you an accurate reading is probably because your level isn't high enough for it to calculate. More information is also needed if you are to get a 100% accurate reading on the IV Calculator. So you need to fill in the Hidden Power section, Overall Potential section and Best Stat section, to confirm what your IV's in each stat are.

Of course because you are at the start of the game you are currently unable to do this as the Hidden Power man, in Pokémon X and Y is in Anistar City and the Stat Judge which tells you, your Pokémon's Overall Potential and Best Stat is in Kiloude City. So you will have to wait until you get to these locations in the game before you can truly find out your IV's in each of your Stats, or you could transfer Froakie to another game such as your friends if they have passed these locations and ask them to find out it's details for you.

Hope I helped :)

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You can just go to the Kiloude City judge to check your IVs :l