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So, I am thinking about breeding my Smeargle with a Ditto and useing one of them to learn the "Ultimate moves" (Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon and Draco Meteor) and at least three signature moves, but I don't know wich one of them should I use.
I play black and my cousin white and I have the three starters, Reshiram, Zekrom (level 51 and 52), Kyurem, Cobalion, Victini (not the event giveaway with V-create), Ho-oh, Lugia (I have friends with HG/SS), Darkrai, Zorua and Porygon-Z.
Wich would be the best moveset ?

Sorry if I wrote anything wrong. I'm still learning English
Apart from spelling, you have great grammar. ;)
Though it's still legible. No worries. :3
Just because a moveset is full of signature moves and ultimate moves doesn't mean it is good, just a bit of advice there. In fact, the ultimate moves are actually quite bad, since they have the recharge turn that can cost you a Pokemon.
Your English was actually really we'll written! Good job!

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Well, like the comments said, that't not really the best way to use a Smeargle (competitively, at least). But if you really want to do that, then Aeroblast and Sacred Fire are both very good moves (from Lugia and Ho-oh, respectively).

Darkrai has Dark Void, but that is outclassed by Spore, so I wouldn't bother with it.

For the last move, maybe Bolt Strike? But because the rest of the moves are Special, it probably won't have much Attack investment, so you are probably better off with just Thunderbolt. Unless you want the signature move just because you can. Sacred Sword would also be useful.

So final move set:
- Draco Meteor
- Aeroblast
- Sacred Fire
- Fusion Bolt/Thunderbolt/Sacred Sword/Spore

Well, I hope that helped. But personally I think Smeargle should stick to either setting up hazards or Baton Passing, as that is what he is good at.

Lock On + Sheer Cold?? :D
thanks but I usually don't use Smergle in battles, unless I'm training it. It's more for the "I-have-a-powerful-pokemon" thing. For instance I have two Arceus, two Darkrai, a Regigigas and a Kyurem but I don't use them. I know, I know, it's stupid, but I only caught them after I had my party full and I get easily attached to things.
Smeargle is likely to break its sash before being able to use Sheer Cold.